By Title

Some past courses

We cannot list all the courses since the group began in 1993. Each course may contain 5 sub-topics.
Here is a selection:

Cooking on a budget.
Education – the reality.
Absolute basics: air and water.
English across the centuries.
Members’ miscellany
Are my investments safe?
Modern art in the making.
Glimpses of Latin America.
Diversity of engineering
Influences on Modern Europe
Beauty of mathematics
My life and music
Art gallery favourites
The Himalayas up close.
Shrinking NZ’s carbon footprint.
Cosmology –the big picture.
Faith in the secular west.
NZ in election year.
What is morality?
Things come in threes.
Aspects of law.United States elections.
How free are we?
Water and waste
Lincoln’s research
Knots and dancing
Acting, the theatre & poetry
Living with plants
The Hurunui.
Food, glorious food.
Elements of opera.
Islamic fundamentalism.
Life after politics.
Food for thought.
From the Greeks to the present.
A tale of two jungles.
My life and music.
They’ve been thinking
A musical miscellany
The elections are coming

The book in print in today’s society
The NZ Aviation Industry
Medical matters
Banks Peninsula Yesterday & Today
Threads of SE Asia – fabricsSustainability
Eastern Europe & beyond
Connecting mouths, minds & movements

Financial Crises past & present
Members; Miscellany 2012
Stories & Scandals from Oxford
Advances in digital photography
Building a new Christchurch Airport
Obama, Romney & the Presidency
The criminal lawyer
Health professionals
Communications & the internet
Frontiers of science
Facts, fictions and foibles
Heroines of history
OE with an easel
China: five aspects
Women in leadership
India: five different glimpses
Innovations and innovators
Antarctica with Sue Best
Never miss a dance
My Career: Graeme Waters
Diabetes & bioengineering