Course Structure

Our Course Structure

U3A Okeover structures its self-education as a sequence of wide-ranging courses, delivered both by members of the group and by invited experts. There is great variety in the topics offered. (See a sample of past courses). Approximately 70 members attend each course.


Our year has four terms, with seven courses altogether

U3A Okeover runs three terms of ten weeks, with two-week “holidays” between terms as school terms used to be. Then there is a final fourth term of only three or four single-theme sessions.

A ‘course’ is presented in five Thursday-morning sessions, normally exploring several aspects of a common theme, such as (say) I Have A Story To Tell. There may be one presenter but more often there is one for each session. The fee for a five-session course is currently $20.00.

Prior to each term members enrol for course A in the first five weeks of the term and course B in the second five weeks of the term.

The year is rounded off with November courses. On each of three or four Thursdays there are one-session courses from which to choose. These courses cost only $5.00 each.