The University of the Third Age

U3A Okeover

Programme for Term 3, 2015

A The thirst for water in Canterbury

Dates: Thursdays 20, 27 August, 3, 10, 17 September

Time: 10:00 - 11:45

B Topical Issues for New Zealanders

Dates: Thursdays 24 September, 1, 8, 15, 22 October

Time: 10:00 - 11:40

Enrolments for this term closed on Thursday 22 Oct 2015.


Chairman:Peter Moody3517448
Secretary:Yvonne Evans027 4766531
Treasurer:Colin Freeman027 2369476
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Course A

The thirst for water in Canterbury

Course organiser:Tim de Castro and Ross Heveldt


In this course experts will describe the large projects for water management in Canterbury.

20 Aug:
Hon. David Caygill, on “ The Canterbury Water Management strategy:David is Deputy Chair of Environment Canterbury with special responsibility for the water portfolio. He will describe the CWM, the engagement with all stakeholders, and give an overview of the Land and Water Regional Plan, and other initiatives.

27 Aug:
Colin Dixon, on “The massive Rangitata South Irrigation scheme: Colin is General manager of Rooney Group Ltd, Timaru, who funded and constructed this $115 million scheme, which takes water from the Rangitata river and stores it in 300 ha of ponds located on SH72 immediately south of the Rangitata river bridge. From there water is supplied via a network of canals to farms downstream to SH1 and beyond. Colin will describe the challenges overcome during construction.

3 Sep:
Nicky Hyslop, on “The national industry organisation promoting excellence in Irrigation: Chair of Irrigation NZ, Nicky is also a farm management consultant. With husband Jonty, she runs an irrigated farm at Levels. A director of Opuha Water Partnership, which operates the Opuha dam, she will give us her take on the national prospects for Irrigation and her experiences dealing with issues which arose in the Opuha scheme during 2014/15.

10 Sep:
Derek Crombie, on “The huge Central Plains irrigation scheme: As CEO of Central Plains Water Ltd., Derek will describe the development of the CPW scheme which will take water from the Waimakariri and Rakaia rivers and supply it to farms in the upper plains via a series of very large canals and pipes. Stage 1 is now complete.

17 Sep:
Ian MacKenzie, on “The Importance of water for sustainable, environmentally acceptable agriculture: “Ian was NZ Federated Farmers National spokesman for Water & environment. He will give us his view on the proposed National Policy Statement for fresh water management and explain how communities will have the power to set out their aspirations for water. Ian operates an irrigated vegetable/seeds and finishing farm in mid-Canterbury.

Course B

Topical Issues for New Zealanders

Course organiser:David Chapple

Presenter:Various presenters

The issues on which this course is based have been chosen because they are current and have the tendency to polarise opinion. The presenters are all experts in their particular fields and will outline current thinking and endeavour to peel away the emotion attached to the topics. The sessions will invite discussion between members and presenter so that whatever opinions we hold on those topics at least we come away better informed.

24 Sep:
(a) Bruce Massei on 'Flags in general, their purpose, their meaning & changes that have occurred to flags in the past' then (b) John Burrows ONZM, QC on 'The Future of our national Flag': Bruce is a member of the NZ Flag Association. Emeritus Professor John Burrows ONZM, QC is Chairperson of the NZ Flag Consideration Panel.

1 Oct:
Frank Tay on 'Evaluating Foreign Investment in New Zealand': Frank Tay is a past Dean of Arts & Head of Economics at the University of Canterbury.

8 Oct:
Tony Conner on 'Genetic Modification': New Genetic Technologies – the blurring boundary between genetic modification and traditional breeding.Dr Conner, FRSNZ is the Science Group Leader of Agresearch at Lincoln.

15 Oct:
Suzy Austen on 'Voluntary Euthanasia': Susy is the chairperson of the Wellington Branch of the Voluntary Euthanasia Society of NZ. Her talk is entitled, "I'd Like to Have the Choice Please".

22 Oct:
Ursula Cheer on 'Prurience, Privacy and You: New Zealand laws impacting on our right to be let alone.' Professor Cheer comes to us from the School of Law of the University of Canterbury. This talk will cover the increasing number of laws that have developed to protect privacy in the information age. This includes the right to sue for publication of private information or for intrusion into seclusion and trespass, the ways to complain about breach of privacy by broadcasters, newspapers and news websites, the operation of the Privacy Act, criminal offences that arise from breaches of privacy, the use of interception devices, and when criminal convictions can be kept private.