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Programme for Term 2, 2015

A Aspects of your Health

Dates: Thursdays 28 May, 4, 11, 18, 25 June

B When Books are in Focus

Dates: Thursdays 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 July

Times: 10:30 - 11:45

Enrolments for this term closed on Thursday 30 Jul 2015.


Chairman:Peter Moody3517448
Secretary:Yvonne Evans027 4766531
Treasurer:Colin Freeman027 2369476
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Course A

Aspects of your Health

Course organiser:Ann Whitnall


28 May:
Richard Gearry on 'Gut Instincts - the gastrointestinal tract in health & disease': What happens to food once it leaves your plate? What happens when things go wrong? Why has New Zealand got such high rates of bowel cancer, Crohn's disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Coeliac disease? Professor Gearry will explore the gut from top to tail, taking you on a fantastic journey, highlighting local research in the journey .

4 Jun:
Catherine Stedman on 'The health of the liver': Dr Stedman will tell you all about the liver - a most vital organ!

11 Jun:
Dr Maggie-Lee Huckabee on 'The new Rose Centre for Research': Dr Huckabee is Director of the Swallowing Rehabilitation Research Lab & EATS Clinic at UC and the Rose Centre for Stroke Recovery at St Georges. She will introduce us to the newly completed Rose Centre and explain the services provided. With a large research team and new equipment, the rehabilitation of stroke patients becomes a worthwhile and absorbing topic.

18 Jun:
Andrew Day on 'Those cereals can be toxic': Coeliac disease is an increasingly common condition in many countries. One or two people in a hundred may have the condition, but many of them remain undiagnosed. It can begin at any age. Some people can have additional problems with cereals.

25 Jun:
Rachel Fleury on 'Promoting Health Rights & Resolving Complaints': Rachel is an Advocate of the Nationwide Health & Disability Advocate Service. She will explain the role of the service and the rights conferred upon health clients by law, including rights to respect, choice, effective communication, informed choice & consent. You will learn how to speak up if you are unhappy with a health service provider.

Course B

When Books are in Focus

Course organiser:Kathryn Ell and Mary Carnegie


When Books are in Focus: Books have multiple functions in our lives. The text, of course, is central to the purpose and values of why we read books. We also value them as objects in themselves. And books may also be unique artefacts in the fabric of cultural heritage. In this course five local book enthusiasts will talk about significant ways they relate to books in their work or leisure reading.

2 Jul:
Kathryn Ell'I'm a reader, not a writer.'

9 Jul:
Damien Cairns, from the MacMillan Brown Library at the University of Canterbury, will speak on discovering the provenance and purpose of the Canterbury Association bibliotheca, and how this collection was the foundation of the earliest libraries in Canterbury.

16 Jul:
Megan Blakie from the Book Discussion Scheme.

23 Jul:
Edmund Bohan a practising writer of history and biography.

30 Jul:
Natalie Anderson a practising author of romance novels.